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Noun1.gun trigger - lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gungun trigger - lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun
gun - a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
hair trigger - a gun trigger that responds with little pressure
lever - a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
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When his luggage was searched, the authorities found an air gun barrel, an air gun trigger action, three guns mounted scope and three air gun buttstocks.
Caption: The G on the trigger blade is for Geissele, and the Competitor uses the single-stage Super 3 Gun trigger. It provides a very light, crisp pull for accurate shooting.
Some RTX TextureSprayer models include features such as: Graco's MaxPower DC Motor, which allows users to eliminate the common power issues associated with long extension cords; SmartStart, a feature that lengthens machine service life by shutting the machine off when the sprayer gun trigger is not being pulled; and WideTex, spray tips that improve efficiency by creating an extra wide spray fan pattern.
Flush the soap dispenser after each use and pull the gun trigger to run clear water through the pump before you shut it down.
Greater Manchester Police (GMP) released an image of a printed component suspected of being a gun trigger, alongside what looked like a magazine for holding bullets.
At this stage, police said they are still trying to work out who pulled the gun trigger which led to Ms Cassim being wounded.
He may come off as a benevolent soul in real life but on the big screen it's all about pulling the gun trigger and scaring his enemies into submission.
Recently, I read a description of modern striker-fired handguns as being like staple guns: You squeeze the staple gun trigger or handle, which cocks the staple-striking bar and also releases the striker at the end of the stroke.
Consider what you would want in a gun trigger; the principle to making surprise shots is to set your finger on the trigger and squeeze until it fires.
The electrostatic KV, mA settings, gun trigger timing, lead and lag values, powder flow control, flow and atomising air settings for any number of individual guns can be stored and recalled instantly.
Its gun trigger acts as the shutter trigger and it takes 10 negatives on 2 x 2cm glass dry plates held in metal sheaths.