gun turret

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Noun1.gun turret - a self-contained weapons platform housing guns and capable of rotationgun turret - a self-contained weapons platform housing guns and capable of rotation
weapons platform, platform - any military structure or vehicle bearing weapons
armored combat vehicle, armoured combat vehicle, army tank, tank - an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads
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Based on component, the global artillery systems market has been divided into gun turret, fire control system, ammunition handling system, auxiliary system, and others.
"It was reported that when the flooded magazine beneath the gun turret was opened, the bodies of drowned crewmen still grasped the watertight doors they had closed to save the ship," says Mr Coppack.
On his 30th mission he was slightly injured when his gun turret was hit by flak.
The notice alleges that instead of providing Babb with a welfare check after his therapist had called 911, police instead "smashed into his front yard" with "a light-armored vehicle that looks like a military tank with a gun turret on the roof."
Watch right there," he added, pointing to the gun turret beside which he'd stood that day.
Gun subsystem failure could cause the gun turret to move when power is applied and if anyone is in harm's way, they will get injured.
A body believed to be that of Welshman Robert Williams was found with another skeleton trapped in the gun turret of the USS Monitor during diving operations 10 years ago.
Following enemy bombing of the airfield and surrounding area in 1940, detachments of fighter aircraft were based at Penrhos Power-operated gun turret at RAF Hell''s Mouth, near Pwllheli This Second World War RAF Base was formed from land requisitioned in 1939 from the Bodorgan Hall Estate, and was originally called RAF Aberffraw, but renamed in 1941 as RAF Bodorgan Pilots and students of No 5 Flying Training School Sealand in the 1930s.
With a suitable gun turret on her bow, say a 20mm twin-mount, I reckon she'd pass muster as a respectable enough patrol boat.
The Gun Turret Experience, in one of the original triple gun turrets overlooking the quarterdeck, invites visitors to follow the story of a young sailor serving on the warship in 1943, during the Battle of the North Cape.
The force of the explosion turned the Warrior upside down and blew off its gun turret. Ammunition on board the vehicle ignited, causing a fierce fire that burned for many hours and severely hampered rescuers.
As part of an armored gun turret enclosure, the TAGS kits that include transparent armor windows from Hampson are installed and deployed on a wide variety of military vehicles, such as Humvee, Bradley Fighting Vehicle and Stryker Mobile Gun System as well as on the M-1 Abrams and Paladin.