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A small armed vessel.


(Nautical Terms) a small shallow-draft vessel carrying mounted guns and used by coastal patrols, etc



a small armed warship of light draft used in ports where the water is shallow.
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Noun1.gunboat - a small shallow-draft boat carrying mounted gunsgunboat - a small shallow-draft boat carrying mounted guns; used by costal patrols
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
زورق مُسَلَّح بالمدفعيَّه
dělový člun
lítiî herskip
delová loď


A. N (seagoing) → cañonero m; (small) → lancha f cañonera
B. CPD gunboat diplomacy Ndiplomacia f cañonera


[ˈgʌnbəʊt] ncanonnière fgunboat diplomacy npolitique f de la canonnièregun control ncontrôle m des armes à feu gun control lawsgun control laws npllois fpl sur le contrôle des armes à feugun crime ncrime m commis avec une arme à feugun culture nculture f des armes à feugun dog nchien m de chasse


[ˈgʌnˌbəʊt] ncannoniera


(gan) noun
any weapon which fires bullets or shells. He fired a gun at the burglar.
ˈgunboat noun
a small warship with large guns.
ˈgunfire noun
the firing of guns. I could hear the sound of gunfire in the distance.
ˈgunman noun
a criminal who uses a gun to kill or rob people. Three gunmen robbed the bank.
ˈgunpowder noun
an explosive in the form of a powder.
ˈgunshot noun
the sound of a gun firing. I heard a gunshot and a man dropped dead.
caused by the bullet from a gun. a gunshot wound.
stick to one's guns
to hold to one's position in an argument etc. No-one believed her story but she stuck to her guns.
References in classic literature ?
gunboat "Myrtle," and the story of their terrible privations has become quite as well known as the far more horrible "Medusa" case.
In addition, when it became evident that the air must be fought for, the air-sailors were provided with rifles with explosive bullets of oxygen or inflammable substance, but no airship at any time ever carried as much in the way of guns and armour as the smallest gunboat on the navy list had been accustomed to do.
Light as this armament was in comparison with the smallest gunboat that ever sailed, it was sufficient for them to outfight as well as outfly the German monster airships.
Helena and the Oil Rivers in a gunboat. Then came a blessed year of peace and domesticity, to be followed by nine years, with only a three months' break, five upon the Pacific station, and four on the East Indian.
Shells were falling all round till a tiny French gunboat came out of Bayonne and shooed the Numancia away out of territorial waters.
King Edward and law and order are represented by the Commissioner at Tulagi and an occasional visiting gunboat. And two men and one woman is an equally primitive proposition.
But apart from this it is an infernally lonely state for a ship to be going about the China seas with no proper consuls, not even a gunboat of her own anywhere, nor a body to go to in case of some trouble.
Oh, well-a-day and lack-a-day, the whirligig of time and fortune, the topsyturviness of luck, the wooden shoe going up and the polished heel descending a French gunboat, a conquered island kingdom of Oceania, to-day ruled over by a peasant-born, unlettered, colonial gendarme, and .
He told one of them a couple of our gunboats could come here and knock Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea!
Here's a big rube comin' along, hayseed stickin' out all over, hands like hams an' feet like Mississippi gunboats. He'd make half as much again as me in size an' he's young, too.
NNA - A gunboat belonging to the Israeli enemy violated yesterday at 15.45 pm, the Lebanese territorial waters off Ras Naqoura, and infiltrated some 350 meters into the sea for 15 minutes, a communique by the Lebanese army indicated on Wednesday.
The Philippine Navy (PN) successfully tested the effectiveness of its first missile gunboat yesterday.