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 (gŭnj) Chiefly British Slang
A thick, sticky, messy substance; goo.
tr. & intr.v. gunged, gung·ing, gung·es
To clog or become clogged with gunge. Often used with up.

[Perhaps alteration of goo or gunk.]

gun′gy adj.


adj (+er) (inf)schmierig
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Before long they find a strange black pod in the woods nearby, containing a lot of gungy black stuff and a dead Felicity.
It's called this because the middle ear and eustachian tube fill up with a gungy, glue-like fluid.
Nowadays we have specially coated copper pipes just for this purpose but back in the 70s, when this house was built, the plumber was expected to wrap the pipes in a gungy tape called Denso.
Yet, as Michael Herr and others have suggested, a generation gap existed in Vietnam between old-school, jaded reporters who reported from the safety of the official daily military Saigon briefing commonly known as the Five O'Clock Follies and the bar at the Hotel Caravelle--and the young, gungy war correspondents like Herr, Halberstam, Peter Arnett, and Neil Sheehan, who understood that they were covering a new, postmodern kind of war, that getting the story meant "getting close to the war, touching it, losing yourself in it and trying yourself against it.
Scrape out the gungy meat from the head, disjoint the claws and carefully remove the meat.
A good, clear, slightly gungy balm or salve (or Vaseline) is fab as a base which you can mix almost anything into," say Sarah and Jo.
It also had just the right hit of golden syrup in the gungy topping, sweet with that distinctive Lyle's taste without being overpowering.
The on-screen Crazy Frog is a little animated blue-grey pond life monster, a kind of gungy motorcycle helmeted Kermit who cavorts around with his friend Crazy Chick and a Scots sidekick Nessie the Dragon.
If paleontologists would like to take a rootle through the average modern woman's make-up bag they'd find crusty eyeliner, gungy lipstick and dried-up mascara, all apparently from the Jurassic era.
It's packed with ideas for scary party food, prizes and treats, costumes and gungy games.
The Casualties And Survivors section was full of gungy stuff bubbling away, with dinosaurs and monkeys evolving throughout the different eras.
My colleague and Glasgow MSP Sandra White told me about her gungy experiences while sailing doon the water the other day.