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A concrete mixture that is sprayed from a special gun over steel reinforcements in light construction.

[Originally a trademark.]


(Civil Engineering) civil engineering a cement-sand mortar that is sprayed onto formwork, walls, or rock by a compressed air ejector giving a very dense strong concrete layer: used to repair reinforced concrete, to line tunnel walls or mine airways, etc
[C20: from gun + -ite1]


(ˈgʌn aɪt)

(sometimes l.c.) a mixture of cement, sand or crushed slag, and water, sprayed over reinforcement as a lightweight concrete construction.
[1910–15; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.gunite - a mixture of cement and sand and water that is sprayed on a surface under pneumatic pressure
building material - material used for constructing buildings
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Looking ahead to the second half of 2015, we are confident in our outlook for continued strong performance from our wheels and Gunite businesses.
custom-designed gunite pool and tennis court) contains full circular bar area equipped with fridge, sink, and stereo system, furnished, screened-in porch, bathroom, dressing room, and outdoor shower.
The intent is to address all spalling and delaminated areas particularly where transverse steel is exposed as previous gunite patches are separating from the parent concrete, efflorescence staining and areas that show corrosion stains.
During the show, Accuride will showcase its range of wheel and brake products for the Mexican market, including Accu-Lite Aluminum Wheels with XP finish, Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD), Gunite Value Drum, Gunite Next Generation Tru-Set Bearing Spacer System, and its Gunite Automatic Slack Adjuster.
Long established & reputable gunite & mobile mixer concrete company.
In some pools, the gunite is so rough, the surfaces are uneven and players get lots of raspberries and scrapes,'' he explained.
A suspended grid of heavy timbers partly conceals the gunite roof, and accommodates services.
Accuride Corporation (NYSE: ACW), a leading supplier of components to the North American commercial vehicle industry, announced that it will host an Analyst Day on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, at its Gunite facility located at 302 Peoples Avenue in Rockford, Ill.
to supply Gunite brake drums to Daimler's aftermarket parts group, one of the leading parts brands in the commercial transportation industry.
This new agreement ensures that customers can rely on the dependable supply of world-class products from Gunite.
To be selected to represent USGunite, the leading gunite contractor in the country, is quite an honor," said Phil Morley, 'Chief PR Guy' of News Release Pro.
That is why Accuride is taking its Accuride Wheels and Gunite products to market jointly under the Accuride Wheel End Solutions[TM] brand being introduced today, which it positions as "Your Only Single Source for Industry-Leading Wheel End Solutions.