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A concrete mixture that is sprayed from a special gun over steel reinforcements in light construction.

[Originally a trademark.]


(Civil Engineering) civil engineering a cement-sand mortar that is sprayed onto formwork, walls, or rock by a compressed air ejector giving a very dense strong concrete layer: used to repair reinforced concrete, to line tunnel walls or mine airways, etc
[C20: from gun + -ite1]


(ˈgʌn aɪt)

(sometimes l.c.) a mixture of cement, sand or crushed slag, and water, sprayed over reinforcement as a lightweight concrete construction.
[1910–15; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.gunite - a mixture of cement and sand and water that is sprayed on a surface under pneumatic pressure
building material - material used for constructing buildings
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Product lines include Gunite heavy-duty wheel-end components, Brillion custom iron castings, and Imperial body and chassis components.
THE CANVAS: Arid landscape, a hillside terrain, a postcard-perfect mountain view THE PALETTE: Winding gunite aqueducts, golden travertine marble, a desert oasis encircled in cool waters THE MASTERPIECE: A classic Old World idea, a New Millennium Look, a timeless creation
Wire injection nodularization and desulfurization of tundish ladles at Gunite allows gray and ductile iron production from one cupola.
Accuride is MAC's standard supplier for steel wheels, aluminum wheels, Gunite([R]) slack adjusters, and Gunite GOLD(TM) brake drums.
Not only do they appeal to consumers with their smooth interiors and low maintenance, but they also convert many long-standing gunite pool builders into fiberglass aficionados.
High bottoms generally occur from one or a combination of ft following practices: melting a long run of high carbon heats, using excessive material when shovel patching bottom and banks between heats, excessive rebounds from gunite material normally applied to the slag line between heats) and a high tap hole will not allow the furnace to drain property.
Clark Appointed Vice President of Marketing Heuser Joins Accuride as Product Manager for the Company's Components Group Drenth Joins Accuride as Director of Product Management for Gunite
Accuride Corporation (OTCBB: ACUZ) today announced that in support of the revised stopping distance regulations for standard three-axle tractors, it is introducing two new sizes of its Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD(TM)).
If I were doing gunite pools like this, I would not be anywhere near as far along because they have a much bigger learning curve.
Accuride Corporation (OTCBB: AURDQ) today announced that its Gunite and Accuride Wheels brands recently received Silver Supplier Awards for 2009 from Thomas Built Buses (High Point, NC), a division of Daimler Trucks North America.