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 (gŭn′ər-ə, gə-nĭr′ə)
Any of several plants of the tropical genus Gunnera, having gigantic leaves and small, red to purple drupes.

[New Latin Gunnera, genus name, after Johann Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773), Norwegian botanist.]


(Plants) any herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Gunnera, found throughout the S hemisphere and cultivated for its large leaves
[C18: named after J. E. Gunnerus (1718–73), Norwegian bishop and botanist]
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Tenders are invited for proposed services comprise: the eradication of japanese knotweed (fallopia ja-ponica) and gunnera (gunnera tinctoria) from the parish of dn chaoin.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Plateau 9 One-up 10 Twins 11 Flatter 12 Pig 13 Agitator 16 Tropical 17 Etc 19 Basmati 21 Congo 22 Thyme 23 Gunnera DOWN: 1 Epitaph 2 Malinger 3 Sees 4 Not at all 5 Next 6 Spare 8 Unflinching 13 Alphabet 14 Oleander 15 Acrobat 18 Abate 20 Styx 21 Cent QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Soft-centred 8 Peg 9 Yap 11 Earlier 12 Theme 13 Ate 14 Set 15 Blanket 17 Hid 19 Ally 21 Undo 23 Edge 25 Fade 27 Gas 29 Warlock 31 Tab 34 Ace 36 Climb 37 Immoral 38 Her 39 Ill 40 Cottage loaf DOWN: 1 Seat 2 Ogre 3 Twirled 4 Errand 5 Title 6 Eyes 7 Dame 8 Peach 10 Petty 16 Tag 18 Dud 20 Leg 22 New 24 Decimal 25 Fetch 26 Flying 28 Smell 30 Abbot 32 Alec 33 Biro 34 Aria 35 Calf
I've planted straight from the set of the Land of the Giants the gigantic Gunnera Manicata.
I asked a local nursery man and he said it's a bit like a gunnera, which I've already got.
There are numerous studies describing expeditions and fungal diversity from different sites in Tierra del Fuego, for example, those associated to Gunnera magellanica Lam.
It may be worth thinking about creating a bog garden too, which has the added bonus of attracting wildlife - plant irises, carex, gunnera, primulas, hostas, rheum and rodgersia.
Some Gunnera species (Gunneraceae) may have a single stamen and thus monosymmetry by simplicity (reduction) (Rutishauser et al.
For the RHS show, garden designer Stephen Hall combined rocky "mountains" of black basalt with lush vines and leafy plants such as gunnera, zantedeschia (calla lily), canna, heathers and ferns around a typical Azorean pool with a gentle waterfall to represent the varied landscapes of the nine islands.
Gunnera manicata's rhubarb like leaves are big enough to shelter you from the rain
The trees destroyed include Chilean wine palms, monkey puzzle trees and Gunnera tinctoria, which were planted as part of the park's Gateway to Chile project.
patitas negras), Gunnera chilensis (nalca), costilla de vaca y arboles como maqui, boldo y enredaderas rastreras o trepadoras como chaquirita del monte, Polypodium feuillei Bert (calahuala), Cissus striata R.