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 (gŭn′ər-ə, gə-nĭr′ə)
Any of several plants of the tropical genus Gunnera, having gigantic leaves and small, red to purple drupes.

[New Latin Gunnera, genus name, after Johann Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773), Norwegian botanist.]
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(Plants) any herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Gunnera, found throughout the S hemisphere and cultivated for its large leaves
[C18: named after J. E. Gunnerus (1718–73), Norwegian bishop and botanist]
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I one day noticed, growing on the sandstone cliffs, some very fine plants of the panke (Gunnera scabra), which somewhat resembles the rhubarb on a gigantic scale.
Frogs are living in the grass at the bottom of the slope and the gunnera that was given a temporary home in a recycled compost sack is threatening to burst out of confinement, its huge leaves getting bigger by the day.
If your garden is boggy, why not introduce plants like primulas, skunk cabbage, Gunnera and hostas which love those conditions rather than expend energy seeking to change it.
The invasive gunnera plant - also known as giant rhubarb - originates in the exotic climes of southern Brazil but is now wreaking havoc in the Scottish islands.
Gunnera pods, nettles and wild pond plants represent nature's own attempt to regrow in a previously harsh environment of engineering and manufacture, demonstrating the resilient beauty of nature.
5 71 Traqueofitas no determinadas 4 57 Briofitas no determinadas 2 29 Mirtacea no determinada 1 14 Osmorhiza chilensis 1 14 Gunnera tinctoria 1 14 Sarmienta repens 1 14 Rubus ulmifolius 1 14 Luzuriaga polyphylla 1 14 Amomyrtus luma 1 14 Myrceugenia planipes 1 14 Luma apiculata 1 14 Sophora cassioides 1 14 Greigia landbeckii 1 14 Subtotal estomagos con vegetales 7 100 Insectos (adultos y larvas) Chiasognathus grantii 4 57 Ceroglossus spp.
I've planted straight from the set of the Land of the Giants the gigantic Gunnera Manicata.
There are numerous studies describing expeditions and fungal diversity from different sites in Tierra del Fuego, for example, those associated to Gunnera magellanica Lam.