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1. An armed aircraft, such as a helicopter, that is used to support troops and provide covering fire.
2. A ship, such as a battleship, armed with cannons or other guns.


(Military) another name for helicopter gunship



an armed helicopter or airplane used to provide close air support for combat troops.
helicóptero artilladohelicóptero de combate
hélicoptère de combat


[ˈgʌnʃɪp] Nhelicóptero m artillado or de combate
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NEW DELHI -- The government of India will deliver four more Mi-25 gunship helicopters to the Afghan Air Force with the delivery of two gunships scheduled for the month of March this year.
The American Flight Museum (AFM), with assistance from Sherwin-Williams, will pay tribute to Vietnam veteran and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient John Levitow at airshows across the country this year with an AC-47 paint scheme replicating Levitow's gunship.
Powered by two VK-2500 turbo shaft engines, the gunship can travel at a maximum speed of 310 km/h with a maximum take-off weight of 11,500 kg.
The AC-130 gunship is a devastating display of force and firepower.
The Ugandan-owned gunship, according to the rebel official, mainly targeted Waat airstrip, which he said remains under rebels' control.
APACHE gunship helicopters have become a common sight in the sky above North Wales this week.
The essential missing "mission effect" most commonly needed in our most likely wars of the twenty-first century, an effect I'll call the "gunship effect," (1) is misunderstood and remains marginalized by the USAF and underfunded by Congress.
In the skies, Turkish Air Forces jets and gunship helicopters roared at a low altitude.
Gunship crews spend a lot of time "looking at tops of clouds...
The A-10, which has been the target of proposed defense budget cuts over the last four years, was joined by an AC-130 Spectre gunship as it helped take the town of al-Hawl and around 250 square kilometers of surrounding area, said Army Col.
A RUSSIAN helicopter gunship has crashed during an air show, killing one of its crew members and injuring another.
NNA - An Apache helicopter gunship from the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemeni rebels made an emergency landing Thursday just inside the border from Yemen, a Saudi official said, ruling out hostile fire.