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1. The shooting of a gun.
2. The range of a gun: within gunshot.
3. Shot fired from a gun.


1. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery)
a. shot fired from a gun
b. (as modifier): gunshot wounds.
2. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) the range of a gun
3. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) the shooting of a gun



1. the shooting of a gun or the sound made by this.
2. a bullet, projectile, or other shot fired from a gun.
3. the range of a gun.
4. made by a gunshot.
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Noun1.gunshot - the act of shooting a gungunshot - the act of shooting a gun; "the gunfire endangered innocent bystanders"; "they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire"
shooting, shot - the act of firing a projectile; "his shooting was slow but accurate"
enfilade, enfilade fire - gunfire directed along the length rather than the breadth of a formation
snipe - a gunshot from a concealed location
طَلْقَة مدفَعمسبَّب بقذيفَه
byssuskotskot-; skotsár
kurşunmermisilâh sesi


A. N (= noise) → disparo m; (from artillery) → cañonazo m; (from shotgun) → escopetazo m
within gunshota tiro de fusil
B. CPD gunshot wound Nescopetazo m


[ˈgʌnʃɒt] n
(= bullet) → balle f
within gunshot → à portée de fusil
(= sound) → coup m de feugunshot wound nblessure f par ballegun-shy [ˈgʌnʃaɪ] adjtimoré(e)


[ˈgʌnˌʃɒt] n (noise) → sparo
within gunshot → a portata di tiro


(gan) noun
any weapon which fires bullets or shells. He fired a gun at the burglar.
ˈgunboat noun
a small warship with large guns.
ˈgunfire noun
the firing of guns. I could hear the sound of gunfire in the distance.
ˈgunman noun
a criminal who uses a gun to kill or rob people. Three gunmen robbed the bank.
ˈgunpowder noun
an explosive in the form of a powder.
ˈgunshot noun
the sound of a gun firing. I heard a gunshot and a man dropped dead.
caused by the bullet from a gun. a gunshot wound.
stick to one's guns
to hold to one's position in an argument etc. No-one believed her story but she stuck to her guns.
References in classic literature ?
I was worn out by two days and a night of hard railway travel and had not entirely recovered from a gunshot wound in the head, received in an altercation.
A gunshot suddenly pealed forth and shot its flame into the air.
Only once we heard a gunshot a great way off and supposed them to be hunting.
On the other hand he showed marks of wounds, which, though they could not be made out, he said were gunshot wounds received in divers encounters and actions.
The rider now cast his eyes warily around in search of some cause for this demur, when, to his dismay, he discovered an Indian fort within gunshot distance, lowering through the twilight.
"But the gunshot was apparently the cause of death.
"He was a soldier and he died of a gunshot wound, in a hospital, down South."
The next morn broke off the coast of Aleria; all day they coasted, and in the evening saw fires lighted on land; the position of these was no doubt a signal for landing, for a ship's lantern was hung up at the mast-head instead of the streamer, and they came to within a gunshot of the shore.
(Poor Whisky Bob!--without viciousness, good- natured, generous, born weak, raised poorly, with an irresistible chemical demand for alcohol, still prosecuting his vocation of bay pirate, his body was picked up, not long afterward, beside a dock where it had sunk full of gunshot wounds.) Within an hour after I had rejected Captain Spink's proposal, I saw him sail down the estuary on board the Reindeer with Nelson.
The 8th of February, from the first dawn of day, Mocha came in sight, now a ruined town, whose walls would fall at a gunshot, yet which shelters here and there some verdant date-trees; once an important city, containing six public markets, and twenty-six mosques, and whose walls, defended by fourteen forts, formed a girdle of two miles in circumference.
With a full heart and burning head he desired Olivain to lead on the horses to a wayside inn, which he observed within gunshot range, a little in advance of the place they had reached.
The former, at length, got within gunshot and fired.