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One who is armed with a gun, especially an outlaw.

gun′sling′ing n.


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) slang a gunfighter or gunman, esp in the Old West
ˈgunˌslinging n


(ˈgʌnˌslɪŋ ər)

Slang. a gunfighter.
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Noun1.gunslinger - a professional killer who uses a gungunslinger - a professional killer who uses a gun
liquidator, manslayer, murderer - a criminal who commits homicide (who performs the unlawful premeditated killing of another human being)


[ˈgʌnslɪngəʳ] Npistolero/a m/f
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The second is the creation of a gunslinger who never misses and is always faster in every situation.
Idris Elba is the Gunslinger, another hero with daddy issues who alas has "stopped believing", consumed by a thirst for vengeance -- and Elba brings a mildly soulful smoulder to this one-dimensional role, also getting to speak what is surely the line of the summer.
Earlier, the Elasto Painters dealt their longtime gunslinger Jeff Chan to the Phoenix Fuel Masters for veteran forward Mark Borboran and a 2020 second round pick.
The Dark Tower' based on Stephen King's best-selling novel focuses on the last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, who has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together.
The gunslinger reveals his mission - to protect the tower at all costs.
That means hiring a boozy gunslinger (Joel Edgerton) who used to be her lover.
Jane gallops off into the desert to drop their young daughter off with a neighbour before calling in on drunkard gunslinger Dan (Joel Edgerton) to ask for his assistance.
HE'S no John Wayne, but apparently Russia's macho president walks like a Wild West gunslinger.
McConaughey would play either gunslinger Roland Deschain or the villainous Man in Black, two of the best known figures in King's eight-book saga, which is currently being developed by studio Sony after earlier dalliances with Warner Bros and Universal.
A PARCELFORCE operative was sacked after allegedly handling two pistols like a cowboy gunslinger, pointing one gun at a colleague's chest and causing another to look down its barrel.
I loved watching old cowboy movies as a kid and I've always been a bit of a gunslinger in the boxing ring - it's either him or me.
The mysterious gunslinger rides into a town on the Mexican border divided by two warring families.