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Adj.1.gusseted - provided or reinforced with gussets
ungusseted - not having gussets
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Added features include a gusseted tongue and removed medial eyelets allowing the sneaker to tolerate wet environments.
The Portland Gusseted Countertop Support Bracket, a unique bracket with marine inspirations, is a perfect fit in any modern, transitional, or eclectic kitchens.
Features include a waterproof nylon upper; faux fur collar; gusseted tongue; 200g Thinsulate insulation for chill-chasing warmth; quick-pull laces with Kamik's Easy Grab Lace Lock for a secure fit; removable antibacterial footbed; flexible rubber shell; a comfort rating to -25[degrees]F; and a PEAK rubber outsole for traction and durability.
Mariani has launched the TouchLock[TM] feature on all stand-up gusseted packaging.
Sides are gusseted for added strength, and floor-leveling pads are provided.
One significant change was a packaging switch to resealable gusseted pouches.
The tines are fully gusseted on each side and interconnected to one another to provide strength and durability.
The gusseted crotch allows for greater range of mobility.
Features of the pants include a wide comfort elastic waistband, a front fly with snap closure, two handwarmer pockets, a side cargo pouch, and a gusseted crotch.
Available in Angus, Non Angus, Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Blue Cheese Burger, Jalapeno Burger and Onion Burger varieties, the burgers are packed in a gusseted, resealable bag containing six patties.
Standard features also include composite 24-inch wheels, heavy duty front casters, reinforced and gusseted 5/8-inch axles, twin 1-1/4-inch square cross braces with twin struts and molded cushioned armrests.