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 (gŭs′tə-tôr′ē) also gus·ta·tive (-tə-tĭv)
Of or relating to the sense of taste.

gus′ta·to′ri·ly adv.
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Adj.1.gustative - of or relating to gustation
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As for Jacob, he had thrust his pitchfork into the ground, and had thrown himself down beside it, in thorough abandonment to the unprecedented pleasure of having five lozenges in his mouth at once, blinking meanwhile, and making inarticulate sounds of gustative content.
Si l'offre en cheptel au niveau de la region comprend plusieurs races dont Sardi, Timahdit ou encore D'man, Beni Guil demeure, sans conteste, la race la plus prisee par la population locale qui jette son devolu sur cette categorie d'ovins connue pour son adaptation aux conditions rudes des steppes et surtout pour sa qualite gustative et nutritionnelle.
The above evolutions do not take account of the social aspects of meat consumption, such as the gustative and friendly pleasure associated with meat consumption in families or social gatherings.
Donnons un exemple simplifie d'une telle echelle, en allant du plus general au plus particulier (les elements en gras sont les elements enchaines): la semiotique > la semiotique gustative, la semiotique visuelle, etc.
Le prix est le principal obstacle a l'ecoulement de la production de miel, trop eleve pour le plus grand nombre qui consomment le miel plus pour ses qualites medicamenteuses que pour sa valeur gustative et gastronomique.
in both cases greater levels of crossmodal Stroop interference were observed with incongruent and control stimuli, while the level of congruent stimuli worked as a facilitator in identifying gustative stimuli.
As to sensory properties, the sour and fruity aroma of the wine weakened after 2 h of pressurisation whereas the intensity of several gustative attributes, including astringency, alcohol content, and bitter taste, were slightly enhanced.
Moio, "Effect of aging in new oak, one-year-used oak, chestnut barrels and bottle on color, phenolics and gustative profile of three monovarietal red wines," European Food Research and Technology, vol.