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adj. Slang
1. Lacking courage or drive.
2. Lacking substance; weak or insignificant.

gut′less·ness n.
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Noun1.gutlessness - the trait of lacking courage and determination; fearful of loss or injury
fearfulness - the trait of being afraid
gutsiness, pluck, pluckiness - the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury
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McIntyre defended his players against accusations of gutlessness after last week's meek loss at St Johnstone and they went some way to proving him right by dragging themselves back in front through Ethan Robson.
However, that is exactly what his victims are, and he, on the other hand, has already become a symbol of gutlessness, idiocy, and villainy.
In a sign of what is to come, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon this week accused Labour of "feebleness", adding that "any gutlessness in response to Russian aggression would certainly be welcome in Moscow".
His demeanour as a knight of the realm degrades a system that already looks very tired; due in part to the gutlessness of the Honours Forfeiture Committee.
It is a deafening judgment of his gutlessness. The avalanche has destroyed the veneer of contentment in what was initially established as an ideal, well-to-do family, out vacationing.
In many cases, businesses themselves, through management prejudice or gutlessness, create a wholly unnecessary and offensive divide by telling gun-owning consumers their money is welcome but their freedom is not.
All of this nonsense that the Democratic National Committee affiliates are promoting is typical of the sheer gutlessness of that benighted party.
He hasn't made active decisions about what path he would like his relationships to take - rather he has just ended up where his gutlessness has taken him.
The Benghazi affair has revealed gutlessness and ignorance.
Its action is emboldened by the weakness of its neighbours, the unhindered backing of its friends, and the gutlessness of its critics.
There is no other way to explain the discrepancy between the gutsiness in Catalonia and the gutlessness in West Bromwich.
Fun that will also do 67mpg and even if the race to 60mph at 12.9 seconds is more a trot it comes without the clatter of hooves from an utterly sweet diesel engine, a 75bhp turbo unit which has none of the bottom end gutlessness that spoils so many small diesels.