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or ghut·ra (gŭt′rə)
A keffiyeh, especially as worn in countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

[Arabic ġuṭra; see ġṭr in Semitic roots.]
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"The gutra (headdress) I am wearing says "made in England", but in reality I have no idea who is funding the factory."
Each room at XVA Hotel is individually themed, based on local inspiration, including the Dishdash room, Henna room, Gallery room and the Gutra suite.
He claimed that he strangled him first with his hands - but when he noticed that the boy was still breathing, he wrapped a gutra around his neck and strangled him.
Theactor, Saed Obeid Batisha, posesas a beggar in front of a mall in RAK, wearing make-up and a dirty kandora and with the Gutra (head cover) casually wrapped around his head.
The image of Prince Salman and his grandchildren was especially touching, with one of the young girls going about straightening out the gutra of her grandfather as he sat patiently waiting for her to get it exactly right.
Even if budget is a constraint, the UAE photography studio firm Gallery One offers both prints with an olde-worlde feel to them and quirky, digital interpretations of local themes such as a multicoloured pop arty take on the gutra, the headscarf worn by Emirati men.
A panel of male judges sit on plastic chairs inside the fenced-off square the size of a football pitch, wearing traditional dishdashas and gutra headdresses held in place by circular braids called igals.
Elsewhere, he provides the odd interesting detail: that the traditional red-and-white check gutra worn by Saudi men is available with Valentino, Dunhill and Givenchy labels, for instance; or that it's a popular Saudi myth that the king's 747 has not only an operating theatre on board, but a live and waiting transplant donor, in case his heart fails him at 30,000 feet.
Main picture: A water seller plies his trade in the main square of Marrakesh, Morocco; right: A boy wearing the traditional gutra from Kuwait; far right: A truck in Karachi, Pakistan
He has a gutra and thobe on and I remember how different he looks without his uniform on.