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The exudation of water from leaves as a result of root pressure.
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(gʌˈteɪ ʃən)

a process in which water in liquid form is given off by plants.
[1885–90; < German; see gutta, -ation]
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A recent study has shown that peramine is transported from the endophyte into plant intercellular space where it is metabolized or removed via guttation fluid [2].
Developed to replace organophosphate and carbamate insecticides, neonics are systemic in design, transfusing into all parts of treated plants, including pollen, nectar, and guttation fluids, and the foods grown by those plants (Jeschke et al.
Root-mediated "pushing water up" hypothesis and guttation
Due to this, the plants started suffering from guttation, which happens when the plant suffers from high humidity.
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Peroxidases in grass dew derived from guttation: possible role in polymerization of soil organic matter.
Evaluation of water stress control with Polyethylene glycols by analysis of Guttation. Plant Physiol.
And deadly levels of these systemic poisons are even showing up in leaf guttation drops (water droplets that plants sometimes exude).
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The process of root pressure forcing water out of the leaves is termed guttation and only occurs when stomata are closed and when water is readily available to the root system, usually overnight Although capable of forcing water up the xylem when all the stomata are closed, when they are open, root pressure is a negligible component of water movement.