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1. Of or relating to the throat.
2. Having a harsh grating quality, as certain sounds produced in the back of the mouth.
3. Linguistics Velar.

[French, from New Latin gutturālis, from Latin guttur, throat.]

gut′tur·al·ism, gut′tur·al′i·ty (-ə-răl′ĭ-tē), gut′tur·al·ness n.
gut′tur·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.gutturally - in a guttural manner; "gutturally articulated"
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Rowelled by the squeaky music to recollection of old-world ports and places, Borckman lay on his face on the hot planking, beat a tattoo with his naked toes, and gutturally muttered an unending monologue of curses.
On Numb , from Linkin Park's second album, he started out plaintive and became gutturally desperate at the hook: "All I want to do/is be more like me/and be less like you.
al-'ajrafiyya: Dialect of Dabba and Qays: It is characterized by phonetic features, such as pronunciation from the deeper part of the throat cavity, to speak gutturally (al-taqa"ur fi-l-kalam), harshness in pronunciation (jafwa), roughness (ghilza), and emphatic pronunciation of letters (tafkhim al-huruf) (Ibn Jinni, Khasa'is, Bab ikhtilaf al-lughat wa kulluha hujja; see also: Jundi, Lahajat, al-Tashif);