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1. Of or relating to the throat.
2. Having a harsh grating quality, as certain sounds produced in the back of the mouth.
3. Linguistics Velar.

[French, from New Latin gutturālis, from Latin guttur, throat.]

gut′tur·al·ism, gut′tur·al′i·ty (-ə-răl′ĭ-tē), gut′tur·al·ness n.
gut′tur·al·ly adv.
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Even though they share the traits of gutturalness and nasality, Orejona is "algo confusa por la precipitacion con que es hablada por los indios" (27) while Zaparra is "sencilla en su construccion gramatical ...
Four of Paraguay's languages evince the nasality, gutturalness, and difficulty which seem to obsess out author: Lengua-Machicuy, Machicuy, Mocoby (or Mocovi), and Payagua (or Apayagua) (107,108).
Her stage presence was great, but her beauty of vocal tone needed a shot of gutturalness to convey gipsy passion - not that there was really much to get excited about with such a generally limp-wristed swarm of men around her.