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A flat-topped submarine mountain.

[After Arnold Henri Guyot (1807-1884), Swiss-born American geologist and geographer.]
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(Physical Geography) a flat-topped submarine mountain, common in the Pacific Ocean, usually an extinct volcano whose summit did not reach above the sea surface. Compare seamount
[C20: named after A. H. Guyot (1807–84), Swiss geographer and geologist]
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a flat-topped seamount, found chiefly in the Pacific Ocean.
[1945–50; after Arnold H. Guyot (1807–84), Swiss-born U.S. geologist and geographer]
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A flat-topped submarine mountain formed by a subsiding volcanic island.
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Noun1.guyot - a seamount of volcanic origin (especially in the Pacific Ocean)
seamount - an underwater mountain rising above the ocean floor
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