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Of or relating to gymnastics.

gym·nas′ti·cal·ly adv.


(dʒɪmˈnæstɪk) or


(Gymnastics) of, relating to, like, or involving gymnastics
gymˈnastically adv


(dʒɪmˈnæs tɪk)

of, pertaining to, or concerned with gymnastics.
[1565–75; < Middle French < Latin < Greek]
gym•nas′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.gymnastic - vigorously activegymnastic - vigorously active; "an acrobatic dance"; "an athletic child"; "athletic playing"; "gymnastic exercises"
active - characterized by energetic activity; "an active toddler"; "active as a gazelle"; "an active man is a man of action"
2.gymnastic - of or relating to or used in exercises intended to develop strength and agility; "gymnastic horse"
رياضي، جُمبازي
beden eğitimi ile ilgilicimnastik


[dʒɪmˈnæstɪk] ADJgimnástico


adj ability, trainingturnerisch; gymnastic exercisesTurnübungen


[dʒɪmˈnæstɪk] adj (display) → di ginnastica; (skills) → da ginnasta


(dʒimˈneiziəm) plurals gymˈnasiums ~gymˈnasia (-ə) noun
a building or room with equipment for physical exercise.
gymnast (ˈdʒimnӕst) noun
a person who does gymnastics.
gymˈnastic (-ˈnӕs-) adjective
of gymnastics.
gymˈnastics (-ˈnӕs-) noun singular
physical exercises usually done in a gymnasium with certain types of equipment.
References in classic literature ?
And would you not recognize a third class, such as gymnastic, and the care of the sick, and the physician's art; also the various ways of money-making--these do us good but we regard them as disagreeable; and no one would choose them for their own sakes, but only for the sake of some reward or result which flows from them?
As he ran with the children, he taught them gymnastic feats, set Miss Hoole laughing with his queer English accent, and talked to Darya Alexandrovna of his pursuits in the country.
for they, allowing everything else to their slaves, forbid them only gymnastic exercises and the use of arms.
Wiwau prodded with the goad, and Tiha stumbled and wabbled in gymnastic efforts to make speed.
Karak claimed second position and won five gold medals in table tennis, karate, kabaddi, tennis, four silver medals in athletic, judo, gymnastic and one bronze in wrestling with 82 points and Hangu got third position by grabbing one gold tug of war, five silver in wrestling, squash, basketball, badminton, hockey and four bronze in karate, judo, gymnastic, and table tennis 65 points.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Gymnastic Equipment.
PESHAWAR -- The 22nd edition of the Inter-Division Boys Gymnastic Championship here on Monday concluded at Gymnasium of the Qayyum Sports Complex.
After months of training for five days a week at City of Coventry Trampolining and Gymnastic Club, Daniel's hard work paid off as he performed a top-scoring routine and was finally crowned U11 Novice National Schools Trampoline Champion.
A TEESSIDE gymnastic champion put a group of students through their paces to help raise awareness of disability sport.
A FREE trial session with a local gymnastic club two years ago was just the start for rising star Jacob Reed.
The gymnast - who made a medal-winning comeback at the Commonwealth Games - was back in the city to launch the 2015 Gymnastic World Championships.
ALEX Jones has revealed she "leapt" at the chance to single-handedly present Tumble, the reality TV show which tests celebrities on their gymnastic skills.