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Of or relating to gymnastics.

gym·nas′ti·cal·ly adv.
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"These plants can gymnastically wave around their stamens the organs they use for fertilization to maximize the distribution of their pollen," according to Cara Giaimo in The New York Times.
Eden Hazard and Gary Cahill squandered chances and Adrian had saved gymnastically from Cahill and Willian before Terry opened the scoring.
Some species, however, may gymnastically remain connected, flying in tandem so the male can accompany her to insure she lays his fertilized eggs.
"We have never had anyone on the show, even the p r of e s s i on a l s , who is capable of what he can do gymnastically on the floor.
This couple, who mostly performed gesturally and gymnastically, seemed magnetically attached even when separated.
Brittain crossed from the right and shaping his body gymnastically, Fisher guided a low, right-foot volley beyond Preddie.
In Greek mythology, the infant god Zeus is fed goat milk through a cornucopia, and in the heyday of the Minoan culture young girls ritually entered womanhood by literally taking a bull by the horns and gymnastically vaulting themselves onto the bull's back, a feat requiring what every good horn player must achieve, the balance of power and grace.
Through a series of linguistic somersaults, Doug was given the moniker "Gooch" and Marc was given the title "Cope." Speaking of somersaults, I had no idea that horses were gymnastically inclined.
In a strip club setting, pole dancing is often performed less gymnastically and combined with striptease, Go-Go, and/or lap dancing between performers.
Of course, he makes no second claim that technically, gymnastically, pyrotechnically, or by any complex measure of craft does he begin to know the secrets of the more virtuoso of the directors and the cutters, no, he would only say that the material he has filmed lends itself happily, even innocently, to whole new ways of making cuts.
The collection opens with Leslie Thomson's exhaustive treatment of the single stage direction, "pass over the stage," in which she puts to rest, one would think definitively, Allardyce Nicoll's surprisingly tenacious idea that the directive calls for actors to pass through the yard, clamber upon the stage, walk across, and vault down again, all while gymnastically conveying a covered dish.
20) of Elmira basketball coach Nick Garman as he joyously, jubilantly and gymnastically gyrates during his team's victory over Marist.