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A vascular plant, such as a cycad or conifer, whose seeds are not enclosed within an ovary.

[From New Latin Gymnospermae, former class name, from Greek gumnospermos : gumnos, naked; see nogw- in Indo-European roots + sperma, seed; see sperm1.]

gym′no·sper′mous adj.
gym′no·sper′my n.
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Adj.1.gymnospermous - relating to or characteristic of plants of the class Gymnospermae
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Angiospenus have exceeded Gnetales in evolutionary diversification mostly because the long gymnospermous life cycle of Gnetales makes for slow reproduction and slow territorial expansion of species.
These samples also yielded a palynomorph assemblage of 33 taxa of which 17 are gymnospermous and angiospermous pollen grains, 10 are pteridophytic spores, and 4 are fungal spores and hyphae.
A review of the scientific literature on similar studies of gymnospermous plants suggests that, depending on geographical regions and growth locations, the same gymnospermous tree species demonstrate different reaction to changes in temperature and precipitation.
biloba has typical gymnospermous characteristics, different from normal four-whirlfloral organs, and has unique characteristics of morphological structure (Haworth and Raschi, 2014).
The affinity of Paravittatina is suggested to be Gymnospermous and is being referred for the first time in the Chhidru Formation.