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A vascular plant, such as a cycad or conifer, whose seeds are not enclosed within an ovary.

[From New Latin Gymnospermae, former class name, from Greek gumnospermos : gumnos, naked; see nogw- in Indo-European roots + sperma, seed; see sperm1.]

gym′no·sper′mous adj.
gym′no·sper′my n.
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(Plants) the condition of having seeds that do not have a pericarp
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Table 1 Sequence of events in the development and function of the ovulate strobilus of seed plants Structure Process "Gymnosperms" "Angiosperms" Strobilus Initiation Pre-ovulate Pre-ovulate (flower) Ovule Induction Angio-ovuly Angio-ovuly Pollination Gymno-ovuly (a) Angio-ovuly (b) Seed Embryo Gymnospermy (e.g., Angiospermy (d) maturation Cycas) (c) Angiospermy (most cycads Angiospermy and conifers) Seed Gymnospermy (e.g., Gymnospermy dispersal Pinus) (c) (e.g., capsular fruit) (d) Angiospermy (e.g., Angiospermy Juniperus, (e.g., drupe) most Podocarpaceae) Modified after Tomlinson and Takaso (2002) (a) Exposed ovule (b) Enclosed ovule (c) Exposed seed (d) Enclosed seed Table 2 Families of Coniferales (After Page, 1990) (a) (genera/ species) Araucariaceae 3 (a)/33 Tropical Asia-S.