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 (gī′nə-fō′bē-ə, jĭn′ə-)
Variant of gynophobia..
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gynephobia, gynophobia

an abnormal fear or hatred of women. — gynephobe, n.
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n. ginefobia, miedo, fobia o aversión a las mujeres.
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The insistence of gay and lesbian writers on their 'straight' gender identity but 'deviant' object choice makes homosexuality a matter of sexual rather than gender difference from what culture assumes to be (and legislates as) the norm, heterosexuality [...] Such anxiety about being 'normal' with respect to gender can be consistent with patriarchal gynaephobia when it takes the form of the repudiation of femininity, as when apparently woman-identified drag queens [...] insist they really are men and have no wish to be mistaken for women.