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 (gī-năn′drə-môrf′, jĭ-)
An organism having both male and female characteristics, especially an insect exhibiting a mixture of male and female tissues or sex organs.

gy·nan′dro·mor′phic adj.
gy·nan′dro·mor′phism, gy·nan′dro·mor′phy n.
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Adj.1.gynandromorphic - having both male and female morphological characteristics
androgynous - having both male and female characteristics
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Nevertheless, double geniculation of A1 was not documented in extant calanoid and intersex or gynandromorphic individuals of Temora stylifera (Dana, 1849) have not been described until this moment.
Cokendolpher & Sissom (1988) described two gynandromorphic diplocentrids (a Cazierius gundlachii (Karsch 1880) and Bioculus comondae Stahnke 1968).