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gynandrism, gynandry

hermaphroditism. Also gynandry. — gynandroid, n., adj.
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It is possible that Cahun was making a statement about gynandry, a trope that was extremely popular among lesbians in Paris during this period.
(10) Krafft-Ebing cites Sandor as an exemplification of "Gynandry"--"the extreme grade of degenerative homosexuality" (335).
In his view, lesbianism took four increasingly degenerate forms: psychical hermaphroditism, or what we might now call bisexuality; homo-sexuality, or, sexual desire oriented toward the same sex; viraginity, where lesbian desire is coupled with a preference for the masculine role; and gynandry, or "men-women," in which the body itself appears masculine (she "possesses of the feminine qualities only the genital organs").