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 (gī′nĭ-koid′, jĭn′ĭ-)
Characteristic of a woman.


(ˈgaɪ nɪˌkɔɪd, ˈdʒɪn ɪ-)

of or like a woman.
[1905–10; < Greek gynaik-, s. of gynḗ woman + -oid]
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The general assumption about this view results from the fact that women have wider gynecoid pelvis (Krivickas,1997; Mellion,1996).
The change in gynecoid to android fat distribution (Raskin, Pinto-Neto, Paiva, Raskin, & Martinez, 2000; Tremollieres, Pouilles, & Ribot, 1996) can cause excessive accumulation of visceral adipose tissue and trigger chronic inflammation (Abu-Taha et al.
Aromatization of androgens in adipose tissue has been associated with central gynecoid fat distribution [24].
The gynecoid area was measured approximately between the femoral head and the mid-thigh.
All patients were female and had a wide hip structure with a gynecoid pelvis.