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 (gī′nĭ-kŏl′ə-jē, jĭn′ĭ-)
The branch of medicine dealing with health care for women, especially the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive system.

gy′ne·co·log′i·cal (-kə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl), gy′ne·co·log′ic adj.
gy′ne·col′o·gist n.


(ˌgaɪ nɪˈkɒl ə dʒɪst, ˌdʒɪn ɪ-)

a physician specializing in gynecology. Abbr.: GYN, gyn


a physician who specializes in the care, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the female reproductive system.
See also: Medical Specialties


Specialist in conditions and diseases of the female body, particularly the reproductive system.
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Noun1.gynecologist - a specialist in gynecologygynecologist - a specialist in gynecology    
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
부인과 의사
bác sĩ phụ khoa


طَبيب أَمْراض النِساء gynekolog gynækolog Gynäkologe γυναικολόγος ginecólogo gynekologi gynécologue ginekolog ginecologo 婦人科医 부인과 의사 gynaecoloog gynekolog ginekolog ginecologista гинеколог gynekolog สูตินรีแพทย์ jinekolog bác sĩ phụ khoa 妇科学家


n. ginecólogo-a, especialista en ginecología.


n ginecólogo -ga mf, médico -ca mf cirujano especializado en el aparato reproductor femenino y sus enfermedades
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Dr Anu Vij, obstetrics and gynecologist at Motherhood hospital, Kharghar (Navi Mumbai) suggests that girls should ideally get vaccinated at puberty under the guidance of their gynaecologist.
Dr Yamal Patel, a gynecologist and obstetrician said, 'Treatment of endometriosis varies from patient to patient.
Pre Qualification: 01 paediatrician and 01 gynecologist on contractual basis Eligibility Criteria : 01 PAEDIATRICIAN AND 01 GYNECOLOGIST ON CONTRACTUAL BASIS Document Purchase Start date : 12 Apr 2019 Document Purchase End date : 24 Apr 2019 Opening date : 25 Apr 2019
When she called the gynecologist, he sent her to the emergency department.
Due to non-availability of gynecologist and female surgeon, women patients are suffering a lot and they are compelled to move to Combined Military Hospital.
What an absolutely frivolous decision," said the gynecologist.
The relatives had protested and blamed un-trained medical staff for the death of mother and daughter and chanted fully throat slogans against the administration for not appointing senior female gynecologist in DHQ Nushki.
According to Mehnaz's family, many women and their children had died in the district as no lady gynecologist offered her services at the medical facility.
Ghana's hottest kid is gradually on her way of becoming a gynecologist, as she graduated to Junior High School last weekend.
The gynecologist immediately called on fellow women passengers to assist her.
Noted gynecologist Dr Lubna Hassan chaired the event.
KARACHI -- A panel discussion titled "Improving Women's Health in South Asia: Working towards achieving SDG 3 and FP2020 Goals" was held in a local hotel in Karachi during the 17th Bienniel Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Pakistan (SOGP) conference.