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Noun1.gyneolatry - the worship of women
idolatry, veneration, cultism, devotion - religious zeal; the willingness to serve God
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Cash termed "gyneolatry," the worship of the beautiful white woman upon which so much of southern ideology has been based (86).
"Your Honor," the old man said, "is the Court done with this witness?" "Yes, sir, Judge," the Court said; "yes, sir." (288) Judge Drake's authority, as model aristocrat and keeper of Southern gyneolatry, supersedes even that of the trial's actual judge.
The upshot, in this land of spreading notions of chivalry, was downright gyneolatry. She was the South's Palladium, this Southern woman--the shield-bearing Athena gleaming whitely in the clouds, the standard for its rallying, the mystic symbol of its nationality in face of the foe.