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 (gī′nə-fō′bē-ə, jĭn′ə-)
Variant of gynophobia..

gynephobia, gynophobia

an abnormal fear or hatred of women. — gynephobe, n.
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n. ginefobia, miedo, fobia o aversión a las mujeres.
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Suzume soon finds herself torn between Shishio and her handsome but gynephobic classmate, Daiki Mamura (Filipino-Japanese J-pop star Alan Shirahama).
(225) If, in the post-queer critical climate, this statement reads as virulently separatist, it should be pointed out that its initial occasion was a speech given at a protest against the 1977 antihomosexual campaign whose figurehead was a woman, Anita Bryant; Rich, while lending her influential voice to the anti-Bryant cause, was also appalled by what she claims was the gynephobic and misogynistic tone of much of the protest coming from gay male quarters (223), and sought to sound a warning against the ways in which an alignment of lesbians with gay male culture might subject them to the same old oppressions.
Alberti's "gynephobic [architectural] imagination" is a historical touchstone, indeed a critical topos, that she challenges: "such ...