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 (gī-nŏk′rə-sē, jĭ-)
Variant of gynecocracy.


(dʒaɪˈnɒkrəsɪ; ɡaɪ-)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) another name for gynaecocracy


 women as the ruling class, 1728.
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Wonder Woman, aka Diana, hails from the island of Themyscira, which in Jenkins' vision is a paradisiacal gynocracy of gym-buff Amazons galloping around lustily on horses and spinning in slo-mo through the air in elaborate combat.
In fact, almost certainly at the instruction of their producers, they ham up their loyalty to each other, creating a benevolent gynocracy in which they take turns smothering each other with praise, with Khloe saying she is "so proud" that Kendall is in Vogue, and Kourtney saying she is "so proud" that Khloe is hosting X-Factor, and Kris saying she is "so proud" of Rob's hosiery empire, and Kim saying she is "so proud" of Kylie's lip-filler confession--endorsements that quickly pall and are clearly designed to create an atmosphere of marketable familial devotion, unctuous yet by no means insincere.
The text covers revisionist historical fiction in the Americas, themes of matricide, gynocracy, and matrophobia, matrilineal narratives, and a variety of other related topics.