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or gy·ne·pho·bia  (gī′nə-fō′bē-ə, jĭn′ə-)
1. Abnormal fear of women.
2. Behavior based on such an attitude or feeling.

gy′no·phobe′ n.
gy′no·pho′bic (-fō′bĭk) adj.


(ˈɡaɪnəʊˌfəʊb; ˈdʒaɪnəʊ-)
(Peoples) a person who hates or fears women
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At the beginning of this semester, for example, USA Today ran an editorial by gynophobe Christina Hoff Sommers warning parents against "factually challenged feminist academics who lie in wait for" their daughters.
In the end, of course, it's pointless to characterize, categorize, and value writing according to its author's gender, or to claim that women writers fixate on everything that irritates gynophobes about our sex.