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 (gyō′zə, gyô′zä′)
A pocket of dough that is stuffed, as with minced pork or shrimp, and fried, steamed, or boiled.

[Japanese gyōza, from Mandarin jiǎozi : jiǎo, stuffed dumpling (from earlier jiǎo, horn (in reference to its shape), from Middle Chinese kja⋮wk) + -zi, n. suff. (from Middle Chinese tsẓ´, son, child, ultimately from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *tsa; akin to Tibetan tsha, grandchild).]


(Cookery) a Japanese fried dumpling
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The menu is varied and here's a whole heap of items including gyoza, ramen miso, katsu curry, maki, uramaki and more to choose from.
The FSA said: "itsu (grocery) is recalling itsu veg gyoza because the product may containt prawns which are not mentioned on the label.
Itsu (grocery) informed Tesco that they were recalling five batch codes of their Veg Gyoza 120g pots as they may contain Prawn Gyoza which contains crustaceans.
Itsu Veg Gyoza may contain Prawn Gyoza, which contains crustaceans.
itsu (grocery) is recalling itsu veg gyoza because the product may contain prawns which are not mentioned on the label.
The menu at Momosan features authentic Japanese noodle fare, such as Tonkotsu ramen, Tokyo ramen, TanTan and Tsukemen as well as traditional Japanese appetizers like gyoza. Beverage options will include 20 sakes as well as Japanese beers.
It also has side dishes such as takoyaki, gyoza, and edamame on its menu.
Gyoza are typically served with a thin soy-and-vinegar sauce, sometimes spiked with chili oil.
Chan presented his own take on Asian fusion with pork sisig gyoza, and togerashi karaage with rice mayo.
For starters we shared Chicken Gyoza (PS4.60) and Vegetable Spring Rolls (PS3).