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A device consisting of a spinning mass, typically a disk or wheel, usually mounted on a gimbal so that its axis can turn freely in one or more directions and thereby maintain its orientation regardless of any movement of the base.

gy′ro·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
gy′ro·scop′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.gyroscopic - having the characteristics of a gyroscope
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But the real mischief began when Brennan sprang his gyroscopic mono-rail car upon the Royal Society.
All this gyroscopic and mono-rail development naturally absorbed a vast amount of public attention, and there,was also a huge excitement consequent upon the amazing gold discoveries off the coast of Anglesea made by a submarine prospector, Miss Patricia Giddy.
The WS has a gyroscopic system for aiming sight and weapon stabilisation to hit targets in motion and afloat.
But second, and perhaps more importantly, is the factor of gyroscopic turning tendency.
This lawsuit was filed by Elekta Limited and Elekta Inc and asserts that the manufacture, importation, advertising, sale and use of the ZAP-X Gyroscopic Radiosurgery Platform infringes US Patent No.
During the ceremony, Huiyen twirled and swirled for a total of 150 rotations while splashing holy water, like a "gyroscopic sprinkler" for an impressive four minutes; unfortunately, she became queasy at the end and started to spew like a geyser.
It can also be equipped with a flexible range of weapons, acting as a firearms platform that uses gyroscopic self-balancing technology.
Spinning them about their long axis invokes gyroscopic force: The axis of spin stays in the position in which its spin started until a much greater force is applied to move it away from the initial direction.
Noire for the Nintendo Switch features the complete original game and all additional downloadable content, with specific enhancements including a Joy-Con mode with gyroscopic, gesture-based controls, HD rumble and new wide and over-the-shoulder camera angles, plus contextual touch screen controls for portable detective work.
You can control the game using an onscreen joystick or gyroscopic controls instead.
First of all, this paper describes the theoretical nature of the gyroscopic moment caused by whirl.