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An instrument using a gyroscope to automatically counteract unwanted rotary movements such as the rolling of a ship or aircraft.


(ˌdʒaɪrəʊˈsteɪbɪˌlaɪzə) or


(Nautical Terms) a gyroscopic device used to stabilize the rolling motion of a ship


(ˌdʒaɪ rəˈsteɪ bəˌlaɪ zər)

a device, consisting essentially of a rotating gyroscope, for stabilizing a seagoing vessel or aircraft by counteracting its rolling motion from side to side. Also called gy′roscop′ic sta′bilizer.
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Noun1.gyrostabilizer - a stabilizer consisting of a heavy gyroscope that spins on a vertical axis; reduces side-to-side rolling of a ship or plane
gyroscope, gyro - rotating mechanism in the form of a universally mounted spinning wheel that offers resistance to turns in any direction
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
stabiliser, stabilizer - a device for making something stable
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The N-9 seaplane Mirick was using dated back to a 1915 flying-torpedo project led by Lawrence Burst Sperry, inventor of the Sperry gyrostabilizer. Sperry's "unpiloted" plane differed from Mirick's primarily in that Sperry's had been supposed to navigate by preset automation rather than radio control.
Also included on the tail were a flare, radio receiver, antenna, gyrostabilizer, and rudders.
18 JUN 1914 Lawrence Sperry flies Curtiss Flying Boat fitted with gyrostabilizer.