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 (hä′bə-nâr′ō, ä′bä-nĕ′rō)
n. pl. ha·ba·ne·ros
A cultivar of the tropical pepper Capsicum chinense having small, round, extremely hot green to red fruit.

[American Spanish, of Havana (from the theory that it originated in Cuba), from (La) Habana, Havana.]
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(Spanish aβaˈnero)
n, pl -ros (-ros)
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Havana
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(ˌhɑ bəˈnɛər oʊ)
n., pl. -ros.
an extremely pungent small pepper, the fruit of a variety of Capsicum chinense, used in cooking.
[1985–90; < Sp chile habanero chili from Havana]
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How about chilli jam ice cream, habanero marmalade or chilli-marinated salmon gravadlax?
Renfro's salsas that will be updated shortly with non-GMO verification labels are: Habanero, Green, Mango Habanero, Ghost Pepper, Peach, Medium, Mild, Hot, and Raspberry Chipotle.
What came out of that are three flagship sauces: blueberry habanero, red habanero, and green jalapeno.
figure By BOZO JENJE Dressed in a blue shirt and matching trouser, Ali Said, 43, welcomes us to his Hillgate Farm at Tsangatsini in Kilifi County.The former accountant grows pawpaws, capsicum, brinjals and chilli of the bullet and habanero varieties.
Blend tomatoes, habanero pepper and another onion, then add.
The chain's Red Hot Chicken Thighs (720g) for PS3 feature bird's eye, habanero and capiscum chillies to give it a scorching 575,000 on the Scoville chilli scale.
Pepper Havana Gold produces large crops of fruits with the flavour of a habanero chilli but half the heat.
This year's edible award winners include Sweet American Dream sweet corn, Asian Delight F1 Pak Choi, Red Ember F1 cayenne pepper, Roulette F1 habanero pepper, Red Racer F1 cocktail tomato and F1 grape tomato.
Production was impacted in the quarter due to the following temporary factors: delayed production recovery following Hurricane Harvey along with shut-ins for offset operator fracs in the Eagle Ford Shale of 900 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd); unplanned downtime at the non-operated Habanero field, which is shut-in due to a fire at the Enchilada facility, and unplanned downtime at the non-operated Hibernia field for a combined total of 900 boepd; and the impacts from Typhoon Tembin and Tropical Storm Kai Tak in Malaysia of 800 boepd."
Using real habanero chiles, beef, pork, a blend of Mexican spices and real wood smoke, the two began crafting Tira de Came, El Norteno's signature meat snack in two flavors, Tira de Came Habanero and Tira de Came Habanero y Limon.