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 (hä′bə-nâr′ō, ä′bä-nĕ′rō)
n. pl. ha·ba·ne·ros
A cultivar of the tropical pepper Capsicum chinense having small, round, extremely hot green to red fruit.

[American Spanish, of Havana (from the theory that it originated in Cuba), from (La) Habana, Havana.]


(Spanish aβaˈnero)
n, pl -ros (-ros)
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Havana


(ˌhɑ bəˈnɛər oʊ)
n., pl. -ros.
an extremely pungent small pepper, the fruit of a variety of Capsicum chinense, used in cooking.
[1985–90; < Sp chile habanero chili from Havana]
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Production was impacted in the quarter due to the following temporary factors: delayed production recovery following Hurricane Harvey along with shut-ins for offset operator fracs in the Eagle Ford Shale of 900 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd); unplanned downtime at the non-operated Habanero field, which is shut-in due to a fire at the Enchilada facility, and unplanned downtime at the non-operated Hibernia field for a combined total of 900 boepd; and the impacts from Typhoon Tembin and Tropical Storm Kai Tak in Malaysia of 800 boepd.
offers a line of sauces developed to be unique, flavorful and affordably priced, available in three varieties: Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce, Drunken Garlic Black Bean and Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade.
The monk who started the business, Father Richard Walz, reportedly learned how to make habanero pep| per sauce while living in Belize.
Combining the heat that consumers are seeking, with a touch of sweet, Litehouse Sriracha Lime and Litehouse Mango Habanero offer a blend of spices and herbs for dressings.
Habanero hot peppers can be dark green, red, or yellow (depending on ripeness).
A bushel of habanero peppers is reportedly added to every bottle.
With smoked cheddar, habanero pepper jam, homemade mayonnaise, fresh lettuce and tomato, the Habanero burger is a combination of fresh and spicy.
Retailers might want to follow suit or consider adding habanero, cayenne, sriracha and/or chipotle flavors to store brand ketchups.
Blue Ridge Jams also has a complete line of Habanero Pepper Jellies for the more adventurous consumers that love the heat
The Habanero Pilot Plant trial and Field Development Plan demonstrated the potential for significant energy efficiency improvements, cost benefits and carbon emission reductions through the integrated development of the geothermal resource at Habanero with a future gas development in the Nappamerri Trough.