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v. ha·bil·i·tat·ed, ha·bil·i·tat·ing, ha·bil·i·tates
1. To clothe.
2. To fit out or equip (a mine) for operation.
3. Obsolete To impart an ability or capacity to.
To qualify oneself for a post or office.

[Medieval Latin habilitāre, habilitāt-, to enable, from Latin habilis, able; see habile.]

ha·bil′i·ta′tion n.


1. (Mining & Quarrying) (tr) chiefly Western US to equip and finance (a mine)
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (intr) to qualify for office
3. (Clothing & Fashion) (tr) archaic to clothe
[C17: from Medieval Latin habilitāre to make fit, from Latin habilitās aptness, readiness; see ability]
haˌbiliˈtation n
haˈbiliˌtator n


(həˈbɪl ɪˌteɪt)

v. -tat•ed, -tat•ing. v.t.
1. to clothe or dress.
2. to make fit.
3. to become fit.
[1595–1605; < Medieval Latin habilitātus, past participle of habilitāre to make fit. See ability, -ate1]
ha•bil`i•ta′tion, n.
ha•bil′i•ta`tive, adj.
ha•bil′i•ta`tor, n.


Past participle: habilitated
Gerund: habilitating

I habilitate
you habilitate
he/she/it habilitates
we habilitate
you habilitate
they habilitate
I habilitated
you habilitated
he/she/it habilitated
we habilitated
you habilitated
they habilitated
Present Continuous
I am habilitating
you are habilitating
he/she/it is habilitating
we are habilitating
you are habilitating
they are habilitating
Present Perfect
I have habilitated
you have habilitated
he/she/it has habilitated
we have habilitated
you have habilitated
they have habilitated
Past Continuous
I was habilitating
you were habilitating
he/she/it was habilitating
we were habilitating
you were habilitating
they were habilitating
Past Perfect
I had habilitated
you had habilitated
he/she/it had habilitated
we had habilitated
you had habilitated
they had habilitated
I will habilitate
you will habilitate
he/she/it will habilitate
we will habilitate
you will habilitate
they will habilitate
Future Perfect
I will have habilitated
you will have habilitated
he/she/it will have habilitated
we will have habilitated
you will have habilitated
they will have habilitated
Future Continuous
I will be habilitating
you will be habilitating
he/she/it will be habilitating
we will be habilitating
you will be habilitating
they will be habilitating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been habilitating
you have been habilitating
he/she/it has been habilitating
we have been habilitating
you have been habilitating
they have been habilitating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been habilitating
you will have been habilitating
he/she/it will have been habilitating
we will have been habilitating
you will have been habilitating
they will have been habilitating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been habilitating
you had been habilitating
he/she/it had been habilitating
we had been habilitating
you had been habilitating
they had been habilitating
I would habilitate
you would habilitate
he/she/it would habilitate
we would habilitate
you would habilitate
they would habilitate
Past Conditional
I would have habilitated
you would have habilitated
he/she/it would have habilitated
we would have habilitated
you would have habilitated
they would have habilitated
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.habilitate - qualify for teaching at a university in Europe; "He habilitated after his sabbatical at a prestigious American university"
qualify, dispose - make fit or prepared; "Your education qualifies you for this job"
2.habilitate - provide with clothes or put clothes onhabilitate - provide with clothes or put clothes on; "Parents must feed and dress their child"
prim out, prim up, prim - dress primly
dress, get dressed - put on clothes; "we had to dress quickly"; "dress the patient"; "Can the child dress by herself?"
wrap up, cover - clothe, as if for protection from the elements; "cover your head!"
jacket - put a jacket on; "The men were jacketed"
frock - put a frock on
shirt - put a shirt on
habit - put a habit on
vesture - provide or cover with a cloak
overclothe, overdress - dress too warmly; "You should not overclothe the child--she will be too hot"
underdress - dress without sufficient warmth; "She was underdressed for the hiking trip and suffered hypothermia"
corset - dress with a corset
shoe - furnish with shoes; "the children were well shoed"
coat - cover or provide with a coat
costume, dress up - dress in a costume; "We dressed up for Halloween as pumpkins"
robe, vest - clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes
gown - dress in a gown
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"


v. habilitar, equipar.
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In 1853, he habilitated as Privatdozent (adjunct professor) for special pathology and therapeutics and in 1857 was appointed Professor Extraordinarius of Pathologic Anatomy in Wurzberg, a position formerly held by Rudolf Virchow (2, 3).
President KP Basketball Association Mohammad Faqir Awan, former international basketball player and Director Sports PSB Din Mohammad Director, Development Niamat Ullah Khan Marwat, former international basketball player and Secretary KP Basketball Association Raj Mir Khan, players, officials and large number of spectators were also present in the newly habilitated basketball court in Qayyum Sports Complex.
Under the terms of the contract, each participant has 10 lecturers - habilitated persons in the following specialties: Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Nervous Diseases, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Orthopedics and Traumatology, , "Surgery", "Toxicology", "Obstetrics and Gynecology" and "Internal Diseases".
Habilitated, Associate Professor at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz, Poland, head of the Department.
He obtained PhD degree in 1965, DSC degree of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1985 and habilitated in 1997.
The Higher Islamic Institute currently has no habilitated lecturers, so it invites guest teachers.
(5) A bistable system can become stable anywhere, but it may require much practice to achieve stability in the mixed configuration, particularly for people who have been habilitated in one of the anchor registrations.
But he continued by saying that many of the "career criminals" housed in our prisons unfortunately were never properly habilitated before they offended.
Lee Kum-Sing at the Vancouver Academy of Music in Canada, and thereafter received a Doctor of Arts and a Habilitated Doctor of Arts from the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
From today's perspective, he would likely be considered an interdisciplinary artist: an influential composer, proponent of national modernism, professor, mentor of more than 50 Lithuanian composers, habilitated doctor, creator of an original theory, one of the founders of the National Revival (Sajudis) movement, and an active participant in the processes of the restoration of Lithuania's independence.
Each individual who is productively employed, is empowered and positively habilitated contributes to the well-being of society as a whole.