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v. ha·bil·i·tat·ed, ha·bil·i·tat·ing, ha·bil·i·tates
1. To clothe.
2. To fit out or equip (a mine) for operation.
3. Obsolete To impart an ability or capacity to.
To qualify oneself for a post or office.

[Medieval Latin habilitāre, habilitāt-, to enable, from Latin habilis, able; see habile.]

ha·bil′i·ta′tion n.
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For the things which we formerly have spoken of, are but habilitations towards arms; and what is habilitation without intention and act?
Bishkek hosted the 'Ways of solving the problems of introduction of habilitation and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities in the Kyrgyz Republic' workshop, the press service of Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Labour and Social Development reported.
Previously, Kreger worked in finance leadership roles at LHC Group in Louisiana, Sun Healthcare Group in California, American Habilitation in Texas and Sava Senior Care in Georgia as well as a certified public accountant (CPA) and financial auditor at Ernst & Young.
The forum secretary general, Madhi Al-Khamis, said in his keynote address at the opening session that the gathering is actually a habilitation and training program for interaction among three bases, the media, technology and communication.
Firstly, congenital hypodontia or anodontia of the HED patients results in the urgent need of extensive oral habilitation at a young age.
Organised by the Professional Services Center of QU, the event aimed at honouring institutions that are cooperating with QU to help it achieve its vision and participating in activities such as training, habilitation and employment of students.
QIIB is co-operating with QU to achieve its visions and realise its programmes in addition to participating in activities related to training, habilitation and employment.
The study began as his February 2016 habilitation thesis at the University of Kanstanz.
With this acquisition, multiple service models transitioned from CCC to Dungarvin, including residential habilitation, community habilitation and integration, respite services, day program services, wellness coordination and transportation services.
Categories auditory performance (CAP) and speech intelligibility rating scale (SIR) were used to evaluate auditory and speech development at baseline and 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months of habilitation. Descriptive statistics were used to describe demographic features and were analyzed by repeated measures analysis of variance.