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1. An inhabitant.
2. also ha·bi·tan (ă′bē-täN′) An inhabitant of French ancestry living in Canada, especially Quebec, or in Louisiana.

[Middle English, from Old French, from present participle of habiter, to dwell, from Latin habitāre; see habitable.]
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Habitan, the revenue estimates for alcopops alone is estimated to reach P33.3 billion under the DOF version of Package 2 Plus.
Habitan explained that they had to adjust the cap given adjustments in revenue targets and lower estimates of nominal GDP in the coming years.
Habitan, said that the second tax reform program, once passed into law, would not discourage investors to invest in the country as it does not aim the elimination of tax incentives being provided by the national government.
Teresa Habitan, during the last hearing of the Senate ways and means committee on the measure, said the proposed uniform tax rate is pursuant with the government's objectives of making the country's tax system simpler, more efficient and fairer for all taxpayers.
A pesar de los cambios que afectan a la sociedad mbya, se mantienen las ideas sobre las naturaleza y la relacion con las entidades que la habitan. Este texto es una guia, a menudo deslumbrante, para transitar los senderos de la selva y sus habitantes, y comprender su religion, los espiritus de la foresta, los estrechos vinculos que mantienen con los animales y las plantes, asi como para aproximarse a sus amplios conocimientos biologicos atesorados luego de siglos de interaccion con la selva paranaense.