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1. An inhabitant.
2. also ha·bi·tan (ă′bē-täN′) An inhabitant of French ancestry living in Canada, especially Quebec, or in Louisiana.

[Middle English, from Old French, from present participle of habiter, to dwell, from Latin habitāre; see habitable.]
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1. a less common word for inhabitant
2. (Historical Terms)
a. an early French settler in Canada or Louisiana, esp a small farmer
b. a descendant of these settlers, esp a farmer
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(ˈhæb ɪ tənt)

an inhabitant.
[1480–90; < Latin habitant-, s. of habitāns, present participle of habitāre to inhabit. See habitat, -ant]


(ˈhæb ɪ tənt; Fr. a biˈtɑ̃)

n., pl. ha•bi•tants (ˈhæb ɪ tənts; Fr. a biˈtɑ̃)
a French Canadian, esp. a French-speaking inhabitant of rural Quebec.
[1780–90; < French, present participle of habiter < Latin habitāre]
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Noun1.habitant - a person who inhabits a particular placehabitant - a person who inhabits a particular place
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Aussie, Australian - a native or inhabitant of Australia
Austronesian - a native or inhabitant of Austronesia
New Zealander, Kiwi - a native or inhabitant of New Zealand
American - a native or inhabitant of a North American or Central American or South American country
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
Alsatian - a native or inhabitant of Alsace
borderer - an inhabitant of a border area (especially the border between Scotland and England)
cottage dweller, cottager - someone who lives in a cottage
easterner - an inhabitant of an eastern area; especially of the U.S.
Galilaean, Galilean - an inhabitant of Galilee (an epithet of Jesus Christ)
Hittite - a member of an ancient people who inhabited Anatolia and northern Syria about 2000 to 1200 BC
island-dweller, islander - an inhabitant of an island
landlubber, landman, landsman - a person who lives and works on land
Latin - an inhabitant of ancient Latium
liver - someone who lives in a place; "a liver in cities"
marcher - an inhabitant of a border district
Nazarene - an inhabitant of Nazareth
Northerner - an inhabitant of the North
Numidian - an inhabitant of ancient Numidia
Occidental - a native inhabitant of the Occident
Philistine - a member of an Aegean people who settled ancient Philistia around the 12th century BC
Phrygian - a native or inhabitant of Phrygia
plainsman - an inhabitant of a plains region (especially the Great Plains of North America)
occupant, occupier, resident - someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there
earthling, earthman, tellurian, worldling - an inhabitant of the earth
Trinidadian - inhabitant or native of Trinidad
villager - one who has lived in a village most of their life
westerner - an inhabitant of a western area; especially of the U.S.
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References in classic literature ?
Ah, if I were only a habitant of the Campagna five and twenty miles from Rome!
He was full of speculation that night about the condition of Mars, and scoffed at the vulgar idea of its having in- habitants who were signalling us.
Thither let us bend all our thoughts, to learn What creatures there inhabit, of what mould, Or substance, how endu'd, and what thir Power, And where thir weakness, how attempted best, By force or suttlety: Though Heav'n be shut, And Heav'ns high Arbitrator sit secure In his own strength, this place may lye expos'd The utmost border of his Kingdom, left To their defence who hold it: here perhaps Som advantagious act may be achiev'd By sudden onset, either with Hell fire To waste his whole Creation, or possess All as our own, and drive as we were driven, The punie habitants, or if not drive, Seduce them to our Party, that thir God May prove thir foe, and with repenting hand Abolish his own works.
Les habitants ont forme une commission de coordination qui a tente de dialoguer avec les organisateurs du sit-in, d'exprimer le desagrement des habitant vis-a-vis du sit-in, de protester ...
The distribution of land between seigneurs and habitants was called the "seigneurial system." According to the system, the seigneur and the habitant each had specific duties.
His first collection, The Habitant (1897), was followed by several others, all of which were published together as The Poetical Works of William Henry Drummond (1912).
The habitant on his little farm, the voyageur journeying on dangerous rivers, and the woodsman are depicted in their humor, pathos, and picturesqueness.
Taoufik Ouni, qui se presente comme journaliste habitant dans la region, a declare a Mosaique FM , dimanche, que les habitants de la region d'El Mnihla ont procede au blocage de "la route des Chinois" menant a la region de Oued Ellil, et ce pour denoncer l'etat de l'infrastructure dans le quartier.
[beaucoup moins que] On voit les travailleurs de cette entreprise deux a trois jours sur le chantier, avant de disparaitre pour plusieurs semaines [beaucoup plus grand que], nous dira un habitant de cette cite.
Selon un habitant du camp de Yarmouk venu recuperer des affaires dans sa maison, "des centaines d'insurges de l'Armee syrienne libre (ASL) se trouvent mardi a l'interieur" de Yarmouk et les mosquees de ce quartier ont appele les habitants a partir.