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a. Done by habit: habitual lying.
b. Being so by habit: a habitual liar. See Synonyms at chronic.
2. Established by long use; usual: my habitual place. See Synonyms at usual.
3. Grammar Designating an action or state that lasts for or is repeated over an extended duration, expressed in English by such means as the simple present tense (She works downtown) and the phrase used to (A factory used to be located at that intersection).

ha·bit′u·al·ly adv.
ha·bit′u·al·ness n.
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The quality or condition of being usual:
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Thus, changes are often rejected simply because they disturb habitualness, the already installed routine, the customs, and the work procedures employees are already accustomed to.
As Ungerer (2007) notes, habitualness can be replaced by characteristic engagement (runner, snorer), action-oriented disposition (left-hander, hardliner), possession of an attribute (widower), or performing a context-dependent action (thanker).
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