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(hä′sĕn-dä′dō, ä′sĕn-) also ha·ci·en·da·do (hä′sē-ĕn-dä′dō, ä′sē-)
n. pl. ha·cen·da·dos also ha·ci·en·da·dos
The owner or manager of a hacienda.

[American Spanish, from Spanish hacienda; see hacienda.]


(ˌhæsɛnˈdɑːdəʊ) (ˌæsɪɛnˈdɑːdəʊ) or


n, pl -dados
a person who owns or supervises a hacienda
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He aims to answer the question of how the Oaxacans portrayed in the book oare like all other people, like some other people, and like no other people.o Eleven chapters cover peasant-artisans; hacendado (owner) and terrazguero (tenant); metateros (the makers of mutates or stoneworkers); plaiters and weavers; mixed crafts; defending the homeland; from terrazgueros to artisanal ejidatarios; saints and markets.
Jealsa adopted the PeelSeam[TM] peelable end for the 240m1 oval tuna cans it packs for Spanish retailer Mercadona's "Hacendado" brand.
Primero, fue en busca del hacendado Joaquim Fernandes, que tomo como "padrino" para que intercediera ante su senor y consiguiera su emancipacion.