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(hä′sĕn-dä′dō, ä′sĕn-) also ha·ci·en·da·do (hä′sē-ĕn-dä′dō, ä′sē-)
n. pl. ha·cen·da·dos also ha·ci·en·da·dos
The owner or manager of a hacienda.

[American Spanish, from Spanish hacienda; see hacienda.]


(ˌhæsɛnˈdɑːdəʊ) (ˌæsɪɛnˈdɑːdəʊ) or


n, pl -dados
a person who owns or supervises a hacienda
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From the poor Maya Indian who is ground down to slavery and kept there by the haciendados [sic] who are allowed to force serfdom on their servants owing to the laxity of enforcing the laws which prohibit slavery.
The partnership that is Yauco Selecto[TM] includes Ignacio Pinado of Care Luri, Miguel Lopez of Care Hayuya, Yauco district coffee Haciendados (farm owners), independent businessman Roberto Atienza, and Care Rico, and Care Yaucono, one of the island's largest coffee processors.