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Noun1.hack writer - a mediocre and disdained writer
Grub Street - the world of literary hacks
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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The literary spirit was all-pervasive, and the authors were men (not yet women) of almost every class, from distinguished courtiers, like Ralegh and Sidney, to the company of hack writers, who starved in garrets and hung about the outskirts of the bustling taverns.
Better to have ended the play a few minutes earlier with a revelation -- smartly illuminated by designer Daw -- that explains why even a hack writer might sell his soul.
The lack of a degree frustrated this path, and as a result he eventually moved to London and worked as a hack writer for years.
1632) presents a number of different aspects and achievements to later readers and interpreters: as a playwright of sole-authored plays (most famously, The Shoemaker's Holiday), of collaborative plays (including The Witch of Edmonton), but also as a prolific hack writer. Anna Baymans study is of Dekker as a prolific writer but as more than a hack, and as an author whose pamphlets contributed to public and intellectual discourse.
The most substantial attack appears in Part Two, chapter 5, where Nabokov attributes to his victims an ill-informed translation of Andre Malraux's great novel Man's Fate, which Nabokov also happens to hate: "One of the synonyms of 'condition' is 'state,' and the adjective 'human' may be construed as 'manly' (since L'Humanite means 'Mankind'!), and that's how, my dears, Lowden recently translated the title of the malheureux Pompier's cheap novel La Condition Humaine." Nabokov outdoes himself with a brilliant pun on malheureux-Malraux and the use of pompier to mean "hack writer" instead of the more common "fireman." In his most cunning allusion, he parodies the old saying that in Boston
Rossi informs the reader that he hopes to avoid the Ennoblement and Prophetic Fallacies before noting two more examples of the species: the Hack Writer Fallacy and the Crackpot Novelist Fallacy.
Mayer's sentiment isn't hard to understand: Even today, six decades after its release, it's hard to imagine a film more brutally candidabout everything from Hollywood to the human conditionthan Wilder's tale of a has-been movie diva and the young hack writer caught in her web.
He closes by bringing the topic into contemporary times by comparing the attempts of Melville and Stephen King, among others, to escape the brand of popular hack writer with brilliant but low-selling books.
What that brought to mind I won't say, but since I am best known in the community as a hack writer, I decided to do something "at work." I dug out an old manual typewriter my grandfather Barnes used in the early 1900s, brought along a couple of cameras and a reporter's notebook.
"Itinerant gun-bum; savoir-faire savage; strategic spatula operator and part-time hack writer. A photo?
Dynamic stave in fact takes place in the imagination of hack writer Ryunosuke Chagawa (Hidetaka Yoshioka), who lives across the street from the Suzukis.