Nicked or notched; jagged.

[From hackle.]
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adj, hacklier or hackliest
having a rough or serrated surface or edge
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(ˈhæk li)

rough or jagged, as if hacked.
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Printers, editors and reporters whacked hammers or metal rulers against whatever was to hand to mark a colleague's passing from this hackly life.
The edges of its wooden planks looked like crooked mummy teeth, hackly where folks had long been scraping mud off their boots.
The surfaces of most of the horizontal bands described above bear a hackly fracture pattern in which the hackles are oriented vertically, extending from the top to the base of an individual band (Figure 4(a)).
Guy [19] further noted the occurrence of a radiating pattern of hackly features originating from the center of the inscribed circles but was unable to offer a viable mechanism for their formation.
(12) Hackly distilled her European studies and her experiences at the University of Denver into an accessible instructional approach, quite appropriate for students of all levels.
Medium hard, light red to reddish yellow fabric (2.5-5YR 6/8) with hackly to granular break; common to abundant, small to medium rounded, spherical, glassy, pale brown sand, rare medium angular, tabular white inclusions.
The selenides are gray with a metallic luster and a hardness of 4 to 5, and form poor to moderately well-developed, broad curved laths up to 1.5 cm long by 4 mm wide in a sub-radial habit with a hackly to poor cleavage.
Fracture: hackly. Density: between 1.96 and 2.09 g/[cm.sup.3] (meas.), 2.04 g/[cm.sup.3] (calc.).
The chalcopyrite has a hackly surface and a dull luster, and is often coated with iridescent bornite.
I will stipulate that there were many great gold specimens, in ten or so other cases devoted to gold, which ranged through a gamut of sizes - all the way up to "The Whopper," a hackly mass with minor quartz about a foot and a half long.