Nicked or notched; jagged.

[From hackle.]


adj, hacklier or hackliest
having a rough or serrated surface or edge


(ˈhæk li)

rough or jagged, as if hacked.
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Hackly distilled her European studies and her experiences at the University of Denver into an accessible instructional approach, quite appropriate for students of all levels.
5-5YR 6/8) with hackly to granular break; common to abundant, small to medium rounded, spherical, glassy, pale brown sand, rare medium angular, tabular white inclusions.
Medium hard, fired in layers reddish yellow (5YR 7/4) at core, pale yellow to light gray (5Y 7/2 to 8/2) inside and pale yellow (5Y 8/2) outside, hackly to laminar break; common, medium large, glassy, orange and white, rounded, spherical to platy inclusions and occasional large to very large, milky white, rounded spherical inclusions.
Medium hard, very pale brown fabric (5YR 7/6) with hackly to conchoidal break, reddish yellow (5YR 7/6) flashes outside; abundant, medium, white to orange, glassy, subrounded to rounded, tabular to spherical inclusions.
5YR 6/6) at surface, smooth to hackly break; sparse medium to very large flecks of gold mica and occasional milky white and creamy yellow inclusions.
5 cm long by 4 mm wide in a sub-radial habit with a hackly to poor cleavage.
5 cm long by 4 mm wide arranged in a sub-radial habit, with a hackly to poor planar fracture or cleavage.
The chalcopyrite has a hackly surface and a dull luster, and is often coated with iridescent bornite.
I will stipulate that there were many great gold specimens, in ten or so other cases devoted to gold, which ranged through a gamut of sizes - all the way up to "The Whopper," a hackly mass with minor quartz about a foot and a half long.