hackney coach

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hack′ney coach`

2. a four-wheeled carriage having six seats and drawn by two horses.
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Noun1.hackney coach - a carriage for hirehackney coach - a carriage for hire      
carriage, equipage, rig - a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
four-wheeler - a hackney carriage with four wheels
remise - an expensive or high-class hackney
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'Having too much money and nothing at all to do with it, they were paying a hackney coach as I came up, sir.'
I merely said that you were paying a hackney coach. I never pay a hackney coach, ma'am; I never hire one.
but their removing from the chaise into a hackney coach is such a presumption!
His principal object must be to discover the number of the hackney coach which took them from Clapham.
No, no, Sophy, she shall contrive no more escapes, I promise you." He then packed up his daughter and the parson into the hackney coach, after which he mounted himself, and ordered it to drive to his lodgings.
The locksmith complied right willingly; and both getting into a hackney coach which was waiting at the door, drove off straightway.
Before I could tell him what a vulgar document it looked like, two more dirty strangers put me into a hackney coach. Before I could prove to them that this proceeding was a gross infringement on the liberties of the British subject, I found myself lodged within the walls of a prison.
He was put down in Lambeth, where he transferred to a hackney coach that took him over Westminster Bridge to Grosvenor Square and then to 13 Green Street, Mayfair, residence of Lord Cochrane, aristocrat, Member of Parliament and one of England's greatest naval heroes.