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A person who uses computer hacking as a means of social reform or protest.

[Blend of hack and activist.]

hack′ti·vism n.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) informal a person who breaks into a computer system in order to pursue a political or social aim
[C21: blend of hacker and activist]
ˈhacktivism n
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Hacktivists typically engage in the use of technology to promote political agendas or social change, seeking solutions to problems through open data and group efforts, Chen noted.
Every day, thousands of these so-called hacktivists continually probe, vandalize, and rob the institutions of the West-as well as Asian rivals like Japan and India,' they said.
Hacktivists also believe that they are helping society by revealing information that people would never have known otherwise.
Anonymous hacktivists took it upon themselves to protest this.
The investigation, arrest, and conviction of a number of high-profile hacker-activists, or hacktivists, reveal the ways subjectivity is mobilized through processes of revelation and evasion.
When asked about perceptions of hacktivists, two in three respondents say they play an important role in keeping criminal organizations, foreign governments, large companies, and their government(s) accountable.
iDefense observed that public sector organizations are prime targets for hacktivist attacks because they are large, recognizable targets that represent policies and ideologies opposed by the hacktivists.
In March, the website of the Commission on Elections was defaced by a group of hacktivists who identified themselves as Anonymous Philippines.
The hacktivists had also announced that they would make their first strike against Trumpchicago.com on April 1.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hacktivists launched digital blitzkreig and vowed to wipe out the systems which power the Turkish banks, airports and military facilities.
Online security experts say it could be a loosely connected international network of "hacktivists".
This anthology contains 10 plays: Drama, Baby by Jamie Brittain, Hood by Katherine Chandler, The Boy Preference by Elinor Cook, The Edelweiss Pirates by Ayub Khan Din, Follow, Follow by Katie Douglas, The Accordion Shop by Cush Jumbo, Hacktivists by Ben Ockrent, Hospital Food by Eugene O'Hare, Remote by Stef Smith, and The Crazy Sexy Cool Girls' Fan Club by Sarah Solemani.