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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of medicines items : Inj Pitocin (oxytocin), Tab Haloperidol 5 mg, Tab Folic acid, Cap Haematinic, Tab Avil, Tab levocetrizine, Syp Montair LC.
Polychromatic red cells are also seen as a response to haematinic therapy in substrate (nutritional) deficiency anaemias [14].
After subsequent treatment with haematinic preparation and broad spectrum anthelmintic, the animals recovered completely.
This will boost its branded generics business, as Bafna's flagship brand Raricap is the country's eighth most widely sold drug in the oral haematinic agent category (drugs which increase the amount of iron in the red blood cells), with revenues of around Rs 20 crore and with a compound annual growth rate of 64 per cent in the last three years.
Raricap, the flagship brand of Bafna, is the eighth largest in oral haematinic segment in India with eight SKUs in oral and liquid forms with an annual revenue of Rs.
A therapeutic trial of ESA should be considered in a patient with persistent symptomatic anaemia (typically haemoglobin concentration of <100 g/L) in whom haematinic deficiency has been excluded.
These are part of a leucoerythroblastic blood picture seen in bone marrow disease, malignant marrow infiltration, systemic illness and occasionally haematinic deficiency.
These include diffuse swelling of the lips and cheeks, cobblestone mucosa with fissuring and hyperplastic folds, mucosal tags, aphthous or linear non-healing ulcers, angular cheilitis, granular gingivitis and glossitis related to haematinic deficiency [Wiesenfeld et al.
2-5) In addition, anaemia may be compounded by co-morbid haematinic deficiency (iron, folate and vitamin [B.
In the absence of an identifiable haematinic deficiency, recombinant erythropoeitin therapy may be beneficial.
Furthermore, laboratory findings must be considered to exclude haematinic deficiencies such as eosinophil counts, vitamin B12, iron and folate levels in the blood.