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(ˌhiːməʊsaɪˈtɒmɪtə; ˌhɛm-) ,






(Medicine) med an apparatus for counting the number of cells in a quantity of blood, typically consisting of a graduated pipette for drawing and diluting the blood and a ruled glass slide on which the cells are counted under a microscope
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Exponentially growing cells were harvested, counted with haemocytometer and diluted with a particular medium.
The collected samples for red blood cells, white blood cells counts were analysed by Haemocytometer and Haemoglobin by Sahli's method while PCV in Centrifuge machine.
Hemoglobin (Hb) was detected by cyanmethemoglobin method, Packed Cell Volume (PCV) by microhematocrit (Apel, HC 702, Japan), and Total Erythrocyte Count (TEC) and Total Leukocyte Count (TLC) by Neubauer's haemocytometer. Jain's formula (1998) was used to deduce erythrocytic indices viz.
Other methods for platelet estimation in use include 1) microscopy using a haemocytometer, 2) impedance method and 3) fluorescent optical method.
Cell density and viability were assessed with a haemocytometer using the trypan blue exclusion method.
Conidia were suspended in a 0.01% aqueous solution of Tween 80 and quantified by haemocytometer.
The total leukocyte counts were determined using Neubauer haemocytometer after appropriate dilution, and differential leukocyte counts performed using the oil immersion objective examination of blood films stained with the modified Romanovsky's Giemsa stain [17].
The conidia were harvested from the plate cultures and the conidial suspension was adjusted to a concentration of 50,000 +/- 5000 conidia per ml with a haemocytometer. (32) Then four days after that the fungicide was applied.
cerevisiae cell number was counted with a haemocytometer, while L.