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(ˌhiːməʊsaɪˈtɒmɪtə; ˌhɛm-) ,






(Medicine) med an apparatus for counting the number of cells in a quantity of blood, typically consisting of a graduated pipette for drawing and diluting the blood and a ruled glass slide on which the cells are counted under a microscope
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The total leukocyte counts were determined using Neubauer haemocytometer after appropriate dilution, and differential leukocyte counts performed using the oil immersion objective examination of blood films stained with the modified Romanovsky's Giemsa stain [17].
Conidial number was adjusted to 3x104 spores /ml with the help of a haemocytometer (Neubauer Precidor HBG, Germany).
Haematological indicators such as white blood cell counts (WBC), red blood cell counts (RBC), packed cell volume (PCV) and haemoglobin were determine using Wintrobe'smicrohaematocrit, improved Neubauer haemocytometer and cynomethaemoglobin method respectively.
0 x 108 / mL was prepared with the help of haemocytometer and further diluted up to concentration of 4.
cerevisiae cell number was counted with a haemocytometer, while L.
Cytological analysis comprises of microscopic examination, wherein the total and differential cell count is performed using a haemocytometer.
The concentration of spores was determined with an Improved Neubauer haemocytometer (Precicolor, HBG, Giessen, Ger-many) and adjusted to [10.
The total direct counts of bacteria and protozoa were made by the methods of Galyean (1989) based on the use of a haemocytometer (Boeco, Hamburg, Germany).
The spores were counted using a haemocytometer (Neubauer, Germany) to obtain a spore concentration of a bout [10.
Erythrocytes (RBCs) count m/mm3 calculation was made by Haemocytometer (Kolmer et al.
Concentration of bacterial cells is measured by Haemocytometer and optical density could be found by spectrophotometer analysis before adding bacteria.
The viable cells were counted by using a haemocytometer and trypan blue.