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Noun1.haemophilia A - hemophilia caused by a congenital deficiency of factor VIII; occurs almost exclusively in men
bleeder's disease, haemophilia, hemophilia - congenital tendency to uncontrolled bleeding; usually affects males and is transmitted from mother to son
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[1] Haemophilia is the most common X-linked condition, affecting 1 in 5 000 and 1 in 25 000 live male births for haemophilia A and B, respectively.
Haemophilia A occurs in about one in 5,000 male births annually, and more rarely in females.
The most common type of haemophilia is called haemophilia A and is a result of insufficient clotting factor VIII (factor eight).
Roche announced that the European Commission has approved Hemlibra for routine prophylaxis of bleeding episodes in people with severe haemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors.
Keywords: FVIII, FVIII alloantibodies, Haemophilia A, Immune tolerance, Inhibitors, Risk factors.
The disease is categorised as haemophilia A and B and can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe.
Haemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency) and haemophilia B (factor IX deficiency) are the most common and serious congenital coagulation factor deficiencies.
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Elocta is a recombinant human factor VIII Fc fusion protein with an extended half-life and is the first haemophilia A treatment in the EU to offer prolonged protection against bleeding episodes with prophylactic injections every three to five days.
Haemophilia A is the most common inherited bleeding disorder and affects all population groups.