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Currently Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplant and Hydroxyurea treatment have improved life expectancy from 20 years to more than 40 years.
Mixed-phenotype acute leukemia (MPAL) is an uncommon clinical entity arising from a haemopoietic pluripotent stem cell, it is also known as mixed-lineage or hybrid acute leukemia4,5.
Management of cytomegalovirus infection in haemopoietic stem cell transplantation.
AutoIogous non-myeIoabIative haemopoietic stem-cell transplantation compared with pulse cyclophosphamide once per month for systemic sclerosis (ASSIST): an open-label, randomised phase 2 trial.
Iron is an important element in the human body, playing crucial roles in haemopoietic control of infection and cell mediated immunity [16].
2000) which reflects deleterious effects of AFB 1 on haemopoietic tissue (Mohiuddin et al.
Hepatitis reactivation and liver failure in haemopoietic stem cell transplants for hepatitis B virus (HBV)/hepatitis C virus (HCV) positive recipients: a retrospective study by the Italian group for blood and marrow transplantation.
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The significant reduction in MCV in aluminium phosphide-treated fish, when compared to the control, is an evidence of the production and subsequent release of immature erythrocytes into the general circulation to compensate for the adverse effects of on the haemopoietic tissues of the fish.
The haematology and histology of the haemopoietic organs of South African freshwater fish.
10) It gives a more complete picture of the reaction of the haemopoietic tissue to anaemia than can be gained from Peripheral Blood Smear (PBS) alone.
Criteria for evaluating disease response and progression in patients with multiple myeloma treated by high-dose therapy and haemopoietic stem cell transplantation.