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Noun1.haemoproteid - related to malaria parasite and having a phase in the viscera of various birds
sporozoan - parasitic spore-forming protozoan
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Transmission of the chelonian haemoproteid Haemoproteus metchnikovi by a tabanid fly Chrysops callidus.
The studies established on DNA based identification of avian Haemoproteid species are very valuable [29].Species identification is based only on the morphology of the gametocytes and their host cells[30].
For Loxigilla noctis, the prevalence of haemoproteid infection did not differ significantly between sites on the same island (habitat effect: [[chi].sup.2] = 0.6, df = 1, P = 0.45), although prevalence did differ significantly between islands (island effect: [[chi].sup.2] = 11.4, df = 2, P = 0.003; Table 2).
There were no discernible differences of intensity of haemoproteid infection among infected individuals of the four species known to be infected (Poisson regression, PROC GENMOD: log-likelihood [[chi].sup.2] = 3.2, df = 3, P [greater than] 0.15).
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Other haemoproteids found resembled Haemoproteus thraupi in the tanager Ramphocelus carbo, Haemoproteus nisi in the hawk Buteo magnirostris and Haemoproteus vireonis in Vireo olivaceus.
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